A first! Never once did I see Um scowl.

Barely finished, hardly furnished Pedro Calungsod Church in San Antonio, Quezon.

En route CityMall in Tiaong, Quezon, we dropped by the Pedro Calungsod Church with my sister’s mom-in-law, but we stayed in the car at the almost empty parking lot because the kids were wild. I remember I was also wearing shorts; not allowed! And my sister had very nasty pre-flu symptoms.

I can’t believe I took only 3 pictures at the parking lot.

Speaking of my sister’s mom-in-law, Miu Miu didn’t forget to thank her Lola Erly for the shoes she was wearing that day. The pasalubong from Sydney. Proud mom here. ?

The kids were so happy at the CitySmall (yes, indeed small). Look at their pictures!

♥ So happy! I LOVE YOU ALL — and 3 more who aren’t in these pictures. Ibn was with his lolas and Dada missed the fun because her mom was feeling really sick and opted to go home and went straight to bed to rest. I haven’t seen Yaela in ages. I hope she visits soon.

After some shopping we dined at McDonald’s – Villa Escudero. Pics of my happy angels teasing and having fun at dinner:

I couldn’t quite believe Um’s gleeful mood that never faltered. Never once did I see him in his trademark scowl! An absolute first. We should definitely do this more often!

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