Again, an avocado.

Lots of blessings lately, as usual, but I got lazy counting and taking photos for bragging, but today I’m counting and showing at least one freebie!

I love freebies.

It’s an avocado from my uncle. Not quite ripe but let’s let it sit until it’s ready for the blender so the kids and I can enjoy an avocado smoothie, definitely my favorite. I love it probably as much as I do the soursop if not better. I don’t know if it’s got as much health benefits as my other favorite, but whatever. Counting this one as a mega blessing, especially since it’s FREE.

Yay, I love freebies!

Oh, I already said that. Anyway, thanks, whoever gave it to my uncle who gave it to me. The tree will teem with fruits because it will be blessed, because the more you give the more you get! Thanks, Tree — and praise the One who made you!

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