Back with my old elephant I do not remember.


My (alleged) same old new ‘pet,’ freshly-showered.

Found a stained and dusty pouch lying idly on top of my fridge. It was brownish but had signs and traces that it used to be pink. What got me was the brown elephant with the buffalo-plaid flappy ear. I thought it was love at first sight.

Apparently, it wasn’t.

“Whose is this? It’s dirty but so cute!” I asked Miu Miu and Keeshia.

“Mine,” my niece said. “Don’t you remember, Anya? You gave it to me on my 7th birthday.”

I was befuddled. “I did? Really?”

“You don’t remember?!”

“I’ve grown 3 years older since you were 7. I have acquired dementia. Can I have it back then? It’s so cute!”

“Sure, but wash it first. It’s been soiled for nearly 3 years.”

After handwashing the pink elephant pouch, here it is with my prayer booklets and Muder’s Rosary.

You know the only time of the day I find myself actually smiling is when I write a post for this blog, so I thank God for this. I thank God for the little things that make me happy. This is so much better than littering my Facebook friends’ newsfeeds with my silly posts.

And thank you, Keeshia, for ‘re-gifting’ my present from 3 years ago. I’m so happy with my elephant! I love you! ♥

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