Brian Barczyk!

Brian with Sunshine at BHB Shop.

It took a while before I got the spelling right, but I definitely am a hardcore Czykie. Not a day passes by without me watching Brian Barczyk on Youtube. Yes, that snake breeder at BHB Reptiles in Michigan. He’s VERY POSITIVE to the point maybe one would accuse him of forcing it (and some people do, indeed). But hey, what’s wrong with forcing positivity? I do it all the time — and am proud of it. I don’t want to flood you with negativity. And trust me, you don’t want it either.

Anyway, despite a bit of apprehension when it comes to snakes, I’ve always been captivated by these beautiful, intriguing animals. My crazy dream is to one day own a black mamba and hire — well, not exactly Brian Barczyk but some guy just as awesome (and as pozzitive!), preferably with a Ph.D. in Herpetology. Beat that. But anyway that won’t happen in the near future, or maybe never at all. I still like watching snake videos, though, and I will keep doing it (to the chagrin of my kids) for as long as they’re shown on Youtube for free!

A gorgeous AF black mamba.

My second favorite snake is also venomous; it’s the Gaboon viper. Oohh, I love everything African! I don’t like vipers much but Gaboons are pretty to look at, not as nasty-looking as its other viper cousins but just as deadly, perhaps even more. I like their quiet demeanor — they are ambush predators extraordinaire — and they’ve got the longest fangs any snake could have.

Gaboon viper.

Well, anyway, it’s ironic that my most favorite animal to date is actually the worst nightmare to these badass snakes: it’s the crazy, fearless honey badger, whose tenacity and ferocity are unmatched. Honey badgers are the nastiest asses in the animal kingdom and beyond you could imagine. Seriously.

Prize-fighter of the Kalahari. 100% BADASS.

But I digress.

“Make today awesome!” starts Brian in every vlog, and ends each with: “Be kind to somebody.”

You know when his giant snake — a reticulated python called Sunshine — died he got seriously emotional. And I mean waterworks and stuff. I watched the dirge. Nearly broke my heart, only didn’t because it’s made of poured concrete if not diamonds. I’ve never known anyone who loves his animals better.

How’s that for awesome?

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