Visiting Isko and Kaka, and other mundane events of the weekend.

Just trying to keep you posted, even if you do not care. Well, maybe a few do, too, because I am not on Facebook and my daughter gets messages telling her they miss my posts. Seriously?!

So, this weekend we

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My little ponies.

Meet my little ponies. ?

? Dada was born on Christmas Day of 2014, Year of the Horse. She’s my little sister’s permanent youngest. Very tough, very clever, overflowing with intelligence and cuteness! ?

? A few weeks later, my

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Counting my blessings #3.

Didn’t I say I never run out of blessings to count? As a matter of fact, sometimes I even forget one or few to add to the list.

? For instance, I forgot Yaela’s Lucky 777! My pretty niece turned

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Counting my blessings #2.

A friend and I were discussing religion and spirituality a few days ago. She thought I didn’t believe in God and/or religion because she’d never heard me say anything about either, and I do like to babble about stuff. It Read More

Counting my blessings.

I promised myself the next time I couldn’t sleep, I’d count my blessings instead of sheep… Okay, let’s get real. Instead of watching Brian Barczyk’s vlogs; Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho clips; Forensic Files and other documentaries.

Let’s start counting!


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