Give me tempura, or give me death.

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Yesterday morning I woke up with a very nasty headache. And the night before I went to bed with a drilling in my cranium. It baffles me how I could sleep through such excruciating pain but I did. I was not imagining it: the shrimps were the culprit, not the rowdiness of my children.

Recent studies show that shrimp can increase the levels of good cholesterol, but I’ve noticed that everytime I pig out on shrimps or their bigger cousins, prawns, I get punished afterwards. I disregarded this theory because shrimps are my damned favorite. Maybe I just overeat everytime?

I remember on my family’s trip to Japan all I ever glutted myself on was tempura. I also had ramen and gyoza, but tempura was The Man. Of course I was accused of favoritism, snarfing down only the fried ones. Anyway, I’ve passed the gene of passion for tempura on my son, Um. Anything isn’t real Japanese without tempura in it.

I’m adamant about giving up prawns and shrimps. It’s a capital punishment. I’ll just stack up on pineapple juice and garlic instead — and pray I do not die way ahead of my time.

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