I deleted the drama.

I posted about these socks (not the photo, though) somewhere else but my dearly beloved son made a big deal out of it and lashed out at me. As in, “Must you post it?” instead of a simple You’re welcome or It’s no biggie comment.

Well, it was a “thank you” status I posted in behalf of Miu Miu because as my millennial reader and friend pointed out: “It’s what’s in! Thanking people on Facebook!”

Miu Miu’s status said: “I love you, Kuya. I appreciate you taking care of me before I go to school every morning because Mommy’s always working all night and couldn’t get up so early. Thank you for cooking my breakfast (bacon and Lucky Me! pancit canton), fixing my milk & Ovaltine, bathing me (you even apply hair conditioner), fixing my baon and even my hair. Thanks for sending me to school 2 hours early, LOL. Just kidding. You even bought me a new pair of socks today and sleek rubber hair ties, too. Please make good of your promise that you’d make a girl niggah tomorrow by braiding my hair. Ibn and I love you so much, especially when you feel like being nice. WE HEART YOU! Stay as sweet as you are! (Eeww!)”

Um was pissed by all the (public) drama, posting and tagging him. Of course I was even more pissed — I mean, WTF, what is your problem with your sister’s gratitude?! — and automatically deleted the darned status, resorting to my blog instead. Now why didn’t I think of this earlier?

About 10-15 minutes later he’d totally forgotten that we just had another bout and was already asking for 20 pesos.

I cannot find the rubber hair ties but I had my cousin H. take a picture of the smelly socks. This is my week’s major blessing: my son, Um. Amazing. Sometimes you really make me super-proud! 

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