My Rosary collection.

I mentioned in a previous post that as a child I used to pray the Holy Rosary fervently. I was taught by my late aunt, who was my father’s older cousin. I remember I liked to pray when lights were off because my very first (and I think only) Rosary as a child glowed in the dark.

Over the years I have collected a number of Rosaries. Most of them just, I don’t know, went missing. What have I got left? Here:

This cherry wood is from the Vatican City, courtesy of my cousin.

This is really special; it’s from my mother. It glows in the dark.

I don’t know where Miu Miu got this one. One day she came home wearing this as a necklace. It also glows in the dark.

This is Miu Miu’s mini Rosary, from Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church (Lipa City)

I don’t know if Rosaries are not supposed to be worn as necklaces, but this one (from Italy) has a clasp in it so I thought maybe I should wear it, and I do.

The Rosary ring from New York City, courtesy of my mother-in-law.

There is another one hidden under the pile of stuff labeled “etc,” but I’m too lazy to rummage through heaps and heaps of crap just to take a picture. It’s white and I think it’s made of moonstones, bought together with the one I gave my sister before her flight to Toronto, Canada with her husband earlier this year. That Rosary is made of brownish crystal beads, not smoky quartz or anything of monetary value, but it really looks pretty.

This collection gives me no reason not to be able to pray the Rosary. I guess you would think by now I no longer need a prayer booklet, but I still do. So let me show you the one I use for guide:

You can see my horrid handwriting. I copied the other prayers from a newer booklet.

So that’s about it. ?

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